Message from Principal





Principal : Mrs.Kochurani  Antony

The teacher’s job is to fill the students with their knowledge and present the material in a way that is interesting to the students. The teacher not only give the information and material to the student, but also make sure the technique they use allows the student to apply to their real life

It is indeed a great achievement that B.K.S has launched its own website. This easy connectivity will strengthen interactive relationship with each other.

It is a great opportunity for the ex-students to remain connected with their class fellows. The active involvement of the parents, students and all our well wishers in the School activities with their valuable inputs will definitely enrich the overall development of the School, so do send us your comments and suggestions.



Our President


President : Pvk Nambair



Born at Koonam Village, Thaliparamba, Kannoor District, Kerala in 1953, came to Mumbai in the year 1975.

Shri P.V.K.Nambiar’s association with the activities of the Malayali community dates back to 1985 when he was first involved with the Bassein Kerala Samajam. As a member of the Samajam, Shri Nambiar has taken every opportunity to promote the interests and welfare of the local Malayali community. In recognition of his dedicated efforts he has been elected to various posts in the Samajam.

Shri P.V.K.Nambiar has a strong affinity towards social causes and has worked extensively in improving the social enviornment. He continues to serve the people of his society as an elected Member of Navghar Manickpur Municipality, as well as Vasai  Virar City Muncipal Corporation Vasai. He is also the Joint Secretary of the Lions Club, Vasai District.