About Vasai Road

Vasai has demonstrated religious harmony throughout its history. Having been under Portuguese rule for a long period, Vasai has significant Portuguese cultural influence. BKS is centrally located in a village called Manickpur in Vasai Road.

It is also said that in early years, South Indians settled here due to the proximity of Bombay (as it was earlier known) which was rich in terms of industries, mills and factories. The name then gradually changed from Porim to Manickpur.

When the railway was laid by the British, the station that is now known as Vasai Road was then known as Manickpur Road. So it was through the British that the name changed to its present status.

Vasai Road station was known as Bassein Road after renaming Manickpur Road. Even today the Indian railways refer Vasai Road as Bassein Road.

Geographically, Manickpur is situated on a hillock and the base is of stone, therefore it is believed to have very strong foundations. Hence it has withstood many floods and earthquakes.

Some of the must see tourist spots in Vasai Taluka is Vasai Fort, Suruchi Baugh,Vajreshwari Ganeshpuri, Kalam Beach, Rajodi Beach, Rangoan Beach, Tungareshwar Water Fall, Chinchoti Water Fall.